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Web hosting

The address of your website. Example:, or

A domain name is ‘purchased’ for a period of 1 year at least. Domain Name registrars ‘sell’ domain names on behalf of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). If no timely payment is made for the renewal of a domain name, it gets back to the market and anyone can ‘purchase’ it or additional charges apply to renew the same domain name.

Yes. You will have full access to your website cPanel, FTP server and WordPress dashboard (for WordPress websites). Access may only become unavailable if the website is suspended due to non-payment of any outstanding invoices.

Website Design

A domain name (or website address), information about your organization (what you do, your target audience, your physical, telephone and email address), and a logo (if any) for the organization.

Using the ‘Submit a ticket’ button on our website. You can attach word files or pdf files containing text, or type directly into the message box.

Using the Submit a ticket button on our website. You can attach pictures in the format of .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif. Remember to add a brief description of each picture you attach. Example: IMG-2019: tea being packaged at the factory.

You will have to first upload the videos to your YouTube channel then share the valid YouTube video link or URL with us through a support ticket. Example of a valid YouTube link or URL:

Two ways. The first is, you or your IT person can update it in-house. The second is, you can purchase a maintenance plan from us so our developers can update it for you. You request a website maintenance plan by submitting a ticket through our website.



Yes. When you buy a web hosting plan from AB, you will get custom email addresses of the form you@your-domain-name.  The maximum number of custom email addresses you get depends on the web hosting plan you purchased.

Two ways – webmail (directly from a web browser) or an email client (a program installed on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device). Email credentials will be sent to you through your support ticket, and you are strongly advised to change the default password to another password of your choice.

Incoming Mail Server (POP or IMAP): mail.your-domain-name (note the ‘.‘ after ‘mail’)
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): mail.your-domain-name (note the ‘.‘ after ‘mail’)
Username: email address
Password: email account password

Extra Information (Advanced):

With SSL: POP: port 995, IMAP: port 993, SMTP: port 465
Without SSL: POP: 110, IMAP: 143, SMTP: 25 or 587